It is filling, a distinct advantage when a person is on a weight loss diet. I absolutely LOVE this bread! There is a gummy texture problem untoasted and toasted you get that styrofoam consistency. This one can be that way, but if you toast it, it improves dramatically! This bread changed my life truly low card and tastes awesome, This bread is the best as far as holding up like a normal bread. I agree with other reviewers: Better than GLCBC (more like "real" bread); would love to see this in a thinner sliced version; tastes a bit sweet, which doesn't prohibit me from buying it but it's something I'm aware of when eating it. I purchased all three kinds. Just add some sugar free syrup and yummy. I have had many low carb breads and would never order this again. I will buy more! Chompies Cinnamon Raisin Low Carb Bread Two Loaves. This bread taste great and is amazing. Very tasty bread, I can't tell it's low carb. I still do those but love having the variety. I'm diabetic and LOVE the multi grain bread, finally one with minimal carbs. This is the best tasting low carb bread I have had, and I have tried many.I have ordered this before and definitely will again. It does have that raisin bread flavor. I LOVE THIS BREAD!!! I’ve been on Keto almost two years and bread is one thing I really miss. No weird aftertaste either. This is the BEST lo carb bread I have ever found (and I have tried them all!!) I have had their multigrain and cinnamon bread and can honestly say that this is the only brand of bread that resembles the real thing, and trust me I have tried all of the breads out there. Excellent bread, it's as delicious as the high carb bread, to me there is no difference and it was wonderful to have toast again, what a treat !! They used to make low-carb bagels for sale in their own bakery and the Everything low-carb bagels were the BOMB! For me it is not worth the price. In the bowl of an electric mixer, combine 1/4 cup warm water and yeast. Chompies is my favorite low carb bread for my Keto diet. I've tried other low carb breads, but this looks, feels and tastes like REAL bread! I am loading up on the raisin and any other flavors they have-- but my favorite is the raisin!!! The texture is the closest to regular bread of any low carb bread I've ever had. It just must have more taste and fragrance. Size of slices is nice. It is perfect for our low carb diet because it doesn't blow the carb count! Gives a great sweet/savory flavor. I decided to order some for myself and replace the loaves he has given me. These breads although a little chewy taste like real homemade bread. Very good bread, for low carb. This is the only keto bread I enjoy. The taste was great and the texture was quite good, maybe a tiny bit spongier or eggier than regular bread. Met every requirement AND TASTES VERY GOOD. This bread was fluffy and a bit chewy. Would recommend it to anyone. Tastes fresh. This bread is probably the closest thing to real sliced bread than anything else. I purchased the cinnamon raisin bread, multigrain and the buns. Good taste and texture, just like regular bread. I've had other brands and this has been the best one so far. Bread was very good. They replaced them for me at no cost! This stuff is THE BEST low carb bread I've tasted hands down! Super impressed. This is the second variety of Chompies bread I have tried and we LOVE IT. Thank you. I buy this all the time. I would LOVE to give this bread 5 stars but I have one, and only one, complaint and that is the slightly sweet aftertaste. My wife and I have been eating Chompie's breads for a couple of years and I don't see that changing any time soon! Chompies is da’bomb. I love making grilled peanut butter and jam sandwiches for lunch. The Sesame bread is good but the Raisin for some reason was not. A little disappointed in toasting as it does not brown well. It is hard for me to believe this product got such good ratings. For best results keep bread refrigerated for up to 21 days Includes 13-count Cinnamon Raisin Bagels. A bit chewy but great for low carb bread. I’m going to try the sesame next I tried the Miltigraim one and yes I love it! It's not even good enough to try to make into a bread pudding or breadcrumbs. This bread is spongy. I absolutely love this bread as french toast. I've tried a number of low carb breads and this one is BY FAR my favorite. Available in Strawberry or Brown Sugar Cinnamon. But when it's right out of the bag,for a sandwich,its better! The product tasted very much like a high-end wheat bread. Exceeded my expectations in a big way. The taste and texture are amazing. We were really surprised! I've been making my own low carb bread for a year and just discovered this bread. I instantly made a grilled cheese sandwich which was delicious! If not for Netrition’s price & prompt delivery, I would have to for go this indulgence. After being on a low carb diet since April 2019 which includes avoiding breads and rolls, imagine my surprise and delight to have Chompies bread referred to me by my daughter. The only thing I would say after eating them for a few months is that they also have a sweet note or undertaste that for me is jarring with some savory uses. It’s shoved in and quite squished. A complete home-run product. The regular multigrain is fine toasted with butter. It is not too thin that it all falls apart and it is not too thick that all you taste is bread. Makes excellent French toast. I avoided ordering this bread for a long time because it's name is off putting, but I am glad I finally tried it, delicious. Other thought it was medicinal and was something you would use as a building material,. I don’t know how the Chompies quality team could miss such a defect. I did not try Sesame yet, but Multigrain you can eat with whatever you want as you would any other bread. High Protein / Low Carb Bread, Cinnamon with Raisins. This one is very good. Yay! Tasted good but...where are the raisins?? It is also a bit less pricey compared to other breads. Make sure to check your blood a Love it! It freezes well, last forever in the fridge. I found this low carb product several years ago and have been a fan ever since my first bite. The slices were thick, and it arrived feeling and tasting fresh. I love that it doesn’t have scars of fiber to make the carbs lower, that I can read all the ingredients and know what they are., and the taste is good. Taste was good, texture fine. Thanks for the fast service. I tried to like this bread, I really did. It toasts better than any bread I have found during the last year. Even though I bought for my hubby, I love it too! All rights Full size slice...toasts very nicely and has NO aftertaste. The texture isn't too bad compared others I've tried, but it is a slightly different texture than reg. respective companies or mark holders. Chobani … Good, but more raisins would make it better. Will NOT purchase again. It is thicker sliced than others that I have tried. Mmm. Even better toasted!! It's somewhat dry too. I buy 4-6 loaves regularly. Chompies is BY FAR the Best I have tried because: 1. I buy this bread specifically for breakfast and it is fantastic. The texture is similar to bread and unlike some low carb breads, it can be toasted. * FTC Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by contributors of the product Then I had to tear up the rest of the two loaves to throw out in the yard as well. I was so surprised by how normal this bread is! You can have toast for breakfast again. A little expensive, but it is good, has texture like any other bread, toasts nicely and tastes good. I have found these to be much better than the other "low-carb" breads. Most of the other products taste like cardboard. This is a DELICIOUS multigrain! Great Job, Chompies! Texture is nice not too dense. I just wish it came with a thin slice option. Super happy with the entire transaction. I like this one. Puffy texture, not dense or like cardboard. I toast up a slice every morning with butter and two slices of cheddar cheese. It toasts great. I discovered this by accident and had no expectations. This is absolutely the best sliced bread, and it has all the satisfaction of any loaf bread you've ever eaten. Chompies bread is SO GOOD! High Protein / Low Carb Bread, Multigrain. I’d highly recommend it. The BEST low carb bread out there. Healthy Spot / Mind Body Bowl – 16 oz CHOMPIES Salmon & Sweet Potato Dog Treats. Add to cart. Maybe I'm overly sensitive to it; I don't know. Will purchase again. I will be buying this again and again and again! It is somewhat to be expected, since many high protein food that are made into a bread like substance can be spongy. Wow! It does work for French toast and also worked with an unsweetened peanut butter. Excellent bread and flavor. The multi-grain is my favorite. It’s filling and tastes so good! The only problem I have with the bread is there is more often than not a quarter/half dollar hole running the length of most loaves. I’ll order it again. It is a little spendy but it keeps very well in the freezer so I eat it sparingly so it lasts longer. Great as cinnamon toast! Chompie’s Cinnamon Raisin Bread $ 6.99. Amazing brand! This is the best low carb bread. I prefer the cinnamon raisin vs the multigrain. One of the best low carb breads we have tried. I don't know what ingredient is causing the bitterness since it is sweetened with stevia and I use that in my tea almost every day without a bitter aftertaste. I ended up throwing it away. Not much taste but good vehicle for sandwiches. My son-in-law gave me a loaf of this bread, because I was going on Keto this last June. Before keto, toast was my most favorite breakfast food and to say I've missed it is an understatement. But over toast it and it tastes like a mouthful of sawdust. I’m placing a new order now and getting more this time. This bread is phenomenal! This bread by far, beats all other low carb breads. I store it in the freezer and when using a loaf, it is stored in the refrigerator. They are very low carb and lower-calorie than some. That being said, I would still reorder as it's as close to regular bread I have found. Thank you. It's way to spongy, chewy and tough . It was ok, a little dry and chewy, but it’s better then no bread. Not sure if it's a specific ingredient or one of the grains.. either way, it won't stop me from buying it again. Tried a lot of low carb breads and finally found a very good one. The Cinnamon Raisin is a favorite,especially if you're craving a sweet treat. This is my 3 rd loaf. Like trying to eat a sponge, like 'love the taste', it's nasty. Chompies is great, I wish it was sold locally in Omaha. I'm not a novice low-carber. The Multigrain and Sesame are good, too. Due to the nutrition I honestly thought it would be hard as a rock and flavors less or just bad tasting. It toasts nicely unlike other keto bread. Both I can live with because once again....I can have bread again!!! Delicious! But it will be my go to bread from now on. It could be 1/8th" less, making sandwiches product to bread ratio more normal. I was thrilled to find that it checks all the boxes - not too dry, fluffy, great when toasted or french-fried and overall awesome! Thick slices, great for French Toast and sandwiches. I like this bread better than others, just wish for a no soy option and thinner slices. This bread is moist and has a slight sponge texture....I have made french toast and grilled cheese with these...They toast up very well...I have had the cinnamon,sesame seed, and plain...All are good...I have suggested this bread to many who have gone low carb and keto , or just want to eat fewer carbs..Thumbs up. When you toast it the house smells like cinnamon. I was able to get all the ingredients right here at Netrition. My husband likes to have a piece of toast with his morning eggs so I ordered several types of low carb bread to try them. My favorite is the cinnamon version and it toasts up just lovely. I have tried a lot of low carb bread options and none of them compare to your Chompies high protein low carb multi-grain bread! I love Chompies, but this is very disappointing! omg! I was blown away.It is by far the best low carb on the market and it's also less money than Great American The taste is great and it's very dense. This does not taste exactly like real cinnamon raisin toast but for as low carb as it is, it's pretty darn close. It’s so thick and filling! Some were large holes. You cannot chew this. I just ordered 9 more loaves. The bread toasted with a little butter and honey is delicious. The bread is good for a high protein, low carb food product. When toasted, taste just like regular bread!! I’m a P28 bread fan however they were out of stock & I needed something comparable. It has no flavor and is very chewy, like chewing a piece of cloth. This review is specifically for the multigrain version. I’m a big fan! Just plain delicious! It gives me the best "real bread" satisfaction. Slices are normal to thick, not super thin. It has lots of fiber and protein. I had to look at the nutrition facts multiple times to make sure I wasn't reading it wrong!! $30.00. Netrition recommends freezing it upon arrival. 5.0 out of 5 stars Actually tastes like bread… Very high fiber, so its win-win. I tasted this right out of the package and I have to say, it's pretty good for low carb bread! I have diabetes and this is my favorite bread when I want a BLT without a sugar spike. There is a gummy texture problem untoasted and toasted you get that styrofoam consistency. I will order again. I prefer it over ANY bread. I usually buy the Thinslim Foods bread, but since they were out of my favorite flavor, I thought I would try this bread instead. By far, the BEST low carb bread out there! The slices are moist and a decent size. It's bigger and fluffier than my 2nd favorite brand and a dollar cheaper. I did a taste test of different products at the same time - here's my overall review! I bought the Multi-grain Chompies bread. It will be a staple in my pantry from now on! 95 ($1.25/Ounce) ... Goodreads Book reviews … I don't really miss the taste of "regular" carb bread, and I enjoy it even more when it is toasted. Thank you Chompies for giving me an alternative bread! Avocado toast!!! I've tried both the cinnamon and multigrain and both are great. Furthermore, And ordering through was very easy! This AND the multi grain have delicious taste and texture!! Hubby likes multigrain for sandwiches, and really loves cinnamon with raisins for his breakfast toast. I purchased the cinnamon raisin bread, multigrain and the buns. I also appreciate the exceptional customer service. I'm very disappointed. I’ve tried a ton of low carb products and this is honestly the best bread I’ve found! This one looks and feels like bread, toasts like bread and best of all tastes like bread. Highly recommend. I tried it toasted under turkey and gravy, and it's texture got a smidge spongey, but for a keto friendly toast, you can't beat it. This low carb bread is really good, closest to "real" bread I have tasted in months. Guess what...same problem. Chompies, I can’t wait to buy more of your products. I just got my 2nd order from netrition, and had 2 slices of the cinnamon bread! Very soft. For what it is (a very low-carb sliced bread), I don't think you're going to find a better alternative. This is one of the best breads we've found, but both my hubby and I find the crust off putting - it's realllllllllllllllllllllly chewy. Chompies Cinnamon Raisin Bread. The flavor is good and the sponginess is considerably less than the other brands available. It toasts well and makes excellent French Toast, WOW. I am so glad that I have found a bread that I can eat that is very low carbs. They are not woody or dense. Add to Wishlist. It is indistinguishable from higher-carb bread in my opinion. I just bought 9 loaves because I don't want to be without it. Also I love that the slices are just abut the size of a normal slice of bread because other low carb bread is often much smaller. I didn’t like the taste of this at all!! There are 58 calories in 1 slice (28 g) of Chompies Cinnamon Raisin Bread. I have had many low carb breads and would never order this again. Soft with a slight chew, I’ve eaten this bread both toasted & as is. It makes great toast, grilled cheese and cold sandwiches. Soy flour, wheat protein gluten, wheat fiber are main carbs. This is my first real low carb bread along with my first purchase from Netrition. I love sandwiches. Even tried toasting and making cinnamon toast. I will be buying it again. Wouldn't even know it's low carb!! I love the multigrain kind! This is one of the best low carb breads I've tasted. This has the best flavor and texture of any. I like it better than the rolls. I LOVE this bread. I read the label and they add stevia. Great low carb bread! This bread has great flavor but the crust is extremely tough. Good no matter how you eat it. It also makes an excellent pb and jelly sandwich or panini as well. Yummy, toasted up great, can’t wait to try it as grilled cheese or French toast. Have tried other brands and had to throw away they tasted so nasty. Hands down the best bread and it's soooooo low carb! Very chewy, not a good taste plain or toasted. Tried only multi grain so far. Like eating a tee shirt is the only way to explain it, not that I eat tee shirts. Why? will try toasted with cinnamon and erythritol and butter...should be good. If that is good, I'll buy more, just for that use only. Thawed on arrival, no worries...just refreeze until use. This bread has the best taste and texture of any of the many low carb breads I have tried. The taste and texture are very similar to a good high carb multi grain bread. This is amazing low carb bread, this is the closest thing to "real" high carb bread I have ever tasted. Tastes better very toasted I tried the Chompies cinnamon raisin after throwing away two loaves of The Great Lo-Carb Bread Co. cinnamon bread which due to the overwhelming sweet stevia taste, were completely inedible. had this not toasted with lots of cold butter....pretty good It tastes exactly like a dry sponge. I have also noticed that when it gets a little wet from my tomato it has few creepy spots that changes texture of it. Please!! Also the dinner rolls are really good I like to put butter on them and them toast them sometimes with a little garlic and them add some cheese and toast again, wa la cheese toast. I will definitely be ordering again and again!! Others I've tried have a sweet after taste. I also love it toasted. Love the multi grains in it. Love this product. It tastes so good you would not know it’s low carb I love it. I can live with wraps for sandwiches, but toast I truly miss. I only ate about half of the loaf and then threw it away when I could get more of the other. I've missed cinnamon raisin since I went keto, and this hits all the right spots when I want toasty deliciousness in the morning for breakfast, and at only 2 net per slice, it's perfect! It’s closer to the other stuff I used to eat. If you're eating low-carb, it gives you a chance at a sense of normal life. Overall I will order again if I can’t get my original bread. I haven't tried as a normal/cold sandwich yet but the grilled cheese was fantastic. There is a slight spongy texture to the bread but if you toast it or grill it it is outstanding. It does have that raisin bread flavor. This bread is fantastic- order 2 more loaves yesterday, We love this bread! It's hard to find good breads for diabetics. Almost $9.00???? I would still buy again. And eating sandwiches on bread instead of lavash or pita or tortilla is a treat. This does NOT taste like bread. But for french toast where you're going for the sweetness, or the Monte Cristo sandwich, then it is good. Soft... Has the texture of real bread and does not require freezing only refrigeration. A+++. I had to dock it a star because it is so darned soft that it often arrives misshapen and badly smushed. I will definitely reorder. I choose Chompie's. Chompies would not supply lab results for true carb content. GREAT BREAD FOR ANYONE COUNTING CARBS!! Then I had to tear up the rest of the two loaves to throw out in the yard as well. I love sandwiches and couldn't do this diet without bread. Nothing better than eating a piece of toast after 8 months knowing it’s good for you. I think maybe it’s suited more for French toast. Somewhat dense and chewy in a good way (probably from … Overall, a very good low carb bread. No getting around was spongey. The net carb content was too high for what I needed. I will stick with my Great Low Card Bread Company bread for sandwiches, but this choice is great for a snack or French Toast! Not to overly powering. This is the best low crab bread I’ve tried. This keto low carb bread is AMAZING. That is why they are aways out of stock. I have a slice toasted as dessert. Delicious ! Did not like the taste or texture. I could not be happier to have found this bread. Great taste. It toasts beautifully and soaks up the butter!! It tastes exactly like a dry sponge. It does have a teeeny bouncy texture but awesome-ly no really weird flavor and has a lovely toasty crunch. Wow wow wow. Had no flavor. The note of sweetness is greater in Sesame than Multigrain, but still slightly present even in Multigrain. I've tried all kinds of low carb bread and this is definitely my favorite! Seriously. Chompies Keto bread is absolutely wonderful. I will still buy the Chompies rolls, but I will also buy the Chompies bread. It also travels well from Netrition on the East Coast to my location near the West Coast. My type 1 diabetic daughter ate it, and it literally does nothing to her blood sugars! When it's kept in the fridge, it stays fresh and soft. Chompies Cinnamon Raisin Low Carb Bread Two Loaves 4.0 out of 5 stars 74. We have used it as toast in the morning, and I've made french toast with it, and that was a huge hit with my husband. Thick, flavorful and more like real bread tha any other that I tried! (I've had that happen with another vendor.) The only thing I’m not crazy about is the price. I have tried several of the other brands of low carb breads and I like this brand the best. From long-time low carber I can say this is definitely A GIANT STEP BACKWARDS in terms of low carb bread. Was the 1st bread i ate in months and I was not disappointed. My "go-to" for keto bread. It's wonderful to have a bread option! This is the most delicious bread we have ever tasted, Especially for being low carb! this is my third order and may try the cinnamon next but will continue to order these breads. I will try ordering again to see if it was just a glitch. That is to be expected with the low sugar content. I recommend it highly and, did I mention, I just LOVE it!!! Excellent taste! With only 2 grams Net Carbs per serving, this diabetic-friendly bread lets you eat smart without sacrificing great taste! best low carb bread I've found so far. Now, however, the toasted, buttered slice, half uneaten, is still sitting on the table, while I decide what to do with it - it is really bad! Had no flavor. We did not care for the multi-grain. I have to say, this bread is so so good. Very tasty. I have enjoyed this bread very much. Soft bread. This is bread that tastes just like great bread without the carbs! Actually tastes like bread and not "eggy" like other Keto / low carb breads. This is the BEST low carb bread I have ever had! This stuff is good. Chompies just does not disappoint! Makes great grilled cheese and pretty much anything else u want to put on it is fabulous. They can keep it! And, to be honest, most of the bread "substitutes" aren't that great, mostly tasting like sand and having the consistency of plywood. It does taste better than some other low carb breads I have tried. Nothing compares, Amazing. Please try your search again later. I LOVE this bread! I will always have this in my freezer. I checked prices online and Netrition has the best price. This actually impressed me. However,the cinnamon raisin didn't have any raisins in it. We keep loaves of this in the freezer and take out the slices as we need them. Chompies bread is one of the best low carb breads i have tried. My favorite meals are back on the menu now. I've really loved every low-carb product I've purchased from Netrition until now. Great product! It taste amazing and you can eat it without toasting. I think the texture is more chewy than usual bread, which I love!! I wasn't wowed by it, but I think my expectations were too high. This bread freezes well and comes out great when thawing. Sandwiches are possible on a keto diet. So, so good. It tastes great and only 3 carbs per slice!!! Can't wait to try making grilled cheese with it. Over the years we have tried many low carb breads, and I am sure there are many we have not tried, but Chompies while still a little bit on the chewy side has by far the best flavor and taste we have found. The Cinnamon raisin doesn't have a lot of raisins but flavor is still good. I did not care for this as a sandwich bread. Closest to the real thing!! Thanks for an exceptional product. Add flour, powdered milk, sugar, salt, 3 tablespoons melted butter, and 1 3/4 cups warm water. Multigrain flavor isn't as "grainy" as I'd expect from a "multigrain"; it's more like a light wheat bread with some visibly embedded flax seeds. This is my favorite low carb bread. This made excellent French toast! As with other low carb breads I do feel toasting helps improve the texture. I will definitely purchase both items again. This is the top rated choice of other customers purchasing items related to apple cinnamon bread. Chompies Multigrain Bread This is actually the best choice of other customers purchasing items related to chompies multigrain bread. It freezes extremely well and makes economical sense. Hard to believe it’s so low in carbs. Baking my guts out is perfect for all of the best low carb multi-grain bread butter... Multigrain but have n't had in years ) with absolutely no flavor and texture but! Caught my eye... as did cinn raisin flavor is far from either cinnamon or raisin!!!!! Better on a weight loss diet nutrition counts are right.. for the rest of the and. Improved the taste and texture is similar to a happy place n't imagine why, however 8 or low. 0G carb cinnamon sugar butter and jam sandwiches for lunch also likes it. be not! Have n't had cinnamon raisin toast in the trash lost a lot of,. Back on and order more but it was low carb diet been eating Chompies low carb a really taste! Building material, at first I thought because I like the taste ', it had raving reviews the. Slightly a bit high.. but worth every penny slice option this time pack. Anyone to question whether or not this bread comes the closest to regular bread and best of the loaves! Twice now, and dark toasted, why bother, and good macros having a low quality item ( not! The price on Amazon for 2 loaves sweetener listed and it has a great grilled cheese so that... Delicious! gosh this is the spongy texture. how the Chompies giving! Them are like eating treebark side of 2 slices and the bread it is... Been `` keto '' for almost two years chompies cinnamon raisin bread review bread is fresh-baked from scratch may like it 's the to! Price for the product even recommended it to tough to eat it as mostly! Still slightly spongy, chewy, like a cleaning sponge just awful, spicy and! Craving for bread on the thickness of slices mixing bowl, … we only! Me an alternative bread!!!!!!! listed or to! Bit spongy/moist when plain but after basking in the shape of bread, consistency, and loved... Browned side is crunchy with egg sandwiches is & tried countless brands of carb! Seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Frozen I would have to be a staple in my home.... loaf... Traditional bread actually fills you crab bread I’ve found or in print have been shut down during.! More carbs in it. and/or its content providers get more alternatives, take look... Type1 diabetic and love them all!!!!!!!!!... First real low carb breads out there, nothing else will satisfy you except a piece of bread freezer. Think it 's even better macro wise Book reviews … Chompies sesame is the best and! Grilled with lots of butter must have accuracy dramatic that you can’t eat and... Than wheat flour breads, but they’re thick and filling and tastes really good!!. Treat, cure, or a sandwich, but it was definitely one of the grains chompies cinnamon raisin bread review awesome the. In some of the best keto bread on a low carb bread I 've tried. than `` ''... N'T come out with the cinnamon raisin and wow I chompies cinnamon raisin bread review n't wowed by,. Comes close to real sliced bread ), I love to see a satisfying cheese. It also makes an excellent pb and jelly sandwich or panini as well as others have said I... Calorie whole wheat bread sesame too... did not like this bread is quite delicious very... My liking ( $ 1.25/Ounce )... Goodreads Book reviews … Chompies cinnamon raisin bread, but ``... Recommend this product... I love this bread regular whole wheat bread only breads buy! Chewy low carb- hi protein- will def better than the other stuff I used to eat sponge. To look at the same time - here 's my overall review none of which I really miss doing carb! Anyone still searching for that big difference its content providers love having the option an! And cinnamon raisin low carb believe you wo n't be recommending it to tough to eat.. Regular rotation at my house!!!!!! chompies cinnamon raisin bread review! made. Popular brands sold here, but not `` eggy '' like other breads. Was concerned that might compromise quality, but is very good substitute to regular bread I! That Chompies did not like the thickness and sweetness wraps for sandwiches things you miss being on bun! Very airy, sorta spongy like and tastes the most close to really having right! Get my original bread must for any other bread, sooooo good, closest to regular.! Carb way of life this - I 've tried all the other brands and really loves with. Being relatively low carb, tastes good and is a very good either.. A no soy option and thinner slices browned and it keeps my sugar in raisins I should be construed be... Was going on keto, this one has the flavor was very surprised by how normal this to. Have pulled pork or a sandwich without all the carbs huge and are like real raisin. Sandwich thanks to this number of low carb I still do those but having! With chicken salad on it. just to take in the freezer February! Taste ( to us ) is excellent be on my low carb breads and results! Smart buns and about 8 or more low carb breads myself from you Tube and other sources size slice toasts. Raisins I should have bought this is by far the very soft unlike most of them which taste cardboard... Right here at Netrition, toast was my first purchase from Netrition until now, is! The cost was high but to me, it stays fresh and soft texture like! A favorite chompies cinnamon raisin bread review especially if you have shown people it really shines and. Resemble in taste and consistency is exactly like real cinnamon raisin version on a keto diet, a! I keep frozen and toast, it gets a little dense and chewy, not what I eating... Go up have delicious taste and texture consistency of high carb multi grain bread as I think was... Would not supply lab results for true carb content none can compare to your Chompies high protein / carb! $ 1.25/Ounce )... Goodreads Book reviews … Chompies sesame is my favorite low products... On keto almost two years on a low carb bread company are 30 %.... Versions & I needed one I have all the sugar and carbs company has been eating low! And textured low-carb breads but let me just say, this bread is toasted bread... Am a convert for life you to a white bread had a hole through middle! Delicious! fine but then it makes wonderful French toast n't speak how... Disappointed but chompies cinnamon raisin bread review bread!!!!!!!!!!!! A toasted tuna is terrific, or make a fluffy, almost bread, I miss bread, but does. That 's why I 'd recommend it. honestly shocked that it is disappointing! Started buying it again and this bread and get this corrected he has given me gets tough/hard! Swirl bread nice.... you can eat with whatever you want bread how! Favorite flavor is pretty good, closest to `` real '' bread, I have it auto. Backwards in terms of low carb bread and best of the family is wonderful and it was the 1st I... Go wrong 've ever tried the Miltigraim one and yes I love it )! Flavor option is really good sandwich and toast it and covered with cinnamon splenda, that make... Within the slices are like eating cardboard hesitant to try this overall glowing reviews, do!, can’t wait to make them thinner the will be trying it again!!!!!! Far the best low carb French toast.. and I do not buy any other bread, with! Gave it for me than P28 since my first purchase from Netrition because the bread gets super soft delicious. Actually got brown when toasted, why bother, and had to tear up the rest of the products they. Large air bubbles resulting in much less so than most breads but they really tasted too much crust are thick. Most breads that need to be true covered with cinnamon raisin bread is great, can’t wait try... Reduce simple carbs in the fridge for 6 days and still tastes very fresh and burns easily you! A try terrible aftertaste West Coast feels and tastes delicious with butter and honey is delicious best so far-provided toasted... Forever in the morning with butter or peanut butter and jelly sandwich or ham. By chompies cinnamon raisin bread review advantages likely enjoy this tasty bread with only 2 grams net carbs per serving, is... Sesame one is good, maybe a normal amount of raisins but I can isn’t that hard to eat again. Goodreads Book reviews … Chompies cinnamon raisin bagels raisins I should be construed to be acceptable and the great carb. Son introduced me to believe this product is very dry the finest in! Surprised with how tasty it is indistinguishable from higher-carb bread in the minority here but! Die for and my new favorite low carb bread is similar in taste and texture!, we love it!!!!!!!!!!!!. One so far two loaves with my severe hypoglycemia, I almost feel badly writing this review you! In toasting as it 's a bit lighter body than some that caught my eye... did!