You are standing between the speakers,... Light of wavelength 730 nm falls on two slits and produces an interference pattern in which the third-order bright red fringe is 41 mm from the central fringe on a screen 2.0 m away. T2C12 (A). In the figure, two loudspeakers, separated by a distance of d_1 = 2.78 m, are in phase. 62)   If the elements of a binomial array are separated by λ/4, how many shape patterns are generated with no minor lobes? b. To what value must the string tension be changed to raise the wave speed to 180 m/s ? At what angle is the first max located? No, this can not be heard by the human ear. A detector is positioned a perpendicular distance of 13 m from... Two point sources S_1 and S_2 are placed on the y-axis and the distance between them is 3 m. The two sources are in phase and emit identical sound waves with frequency 860 Hz. a. Radiator They differ only in that one is upright while the other is inverted. a. a. Inductive d. Wastage of power in terminating resistor, ANSWER: Maximum radiated power along main axis. A listener is 45.3 m from the left speaker and 34.2 m from the right one. d. Phase. 26)   In which kind of array configuration, the element locations must deviate or adjust to some nonplaner surface like an aircraft or missile? Two radio antennas are 150 m apart on a north-south line. Laser light of wavelength /lambda=546 nm is incident on the slits S1 and S2. Two loudspeakers, separated by a distance of d1 = 2.01 m, are in phase. Questions and Answers in Radiation and Wave Propagation Series. Take the wavelength to be 680 nm, and assume the same index of refraction... 1. A hologram best illustrates: (a) polarization. You are standing 3.00m directly in front of one speaker. Waves from a radio station with a wavelength of 600 m arrive at a home receiver a distance 50 km away from the transmitter by two paths. b. 0° & 180° Questions and Answers in Radiation and Wave Propagation Series. A car travels due north along a straight line at position x= 1390... Two small speakers A and B are driven in step at 725 Hz by the same audio oscillator. The sound has maximum intensity when the speakers are 15 cm apart. Are any wavelengths in the visible spectrum intensified in the reflected light? 29)   Which among the following is regarded as a condition of an ordinary endfire array? What happens to sound when interference occurs? 0.047 m2 a) Linear. A listener sits directly in front of one speaker at a distance of 4 meters from it so that th... Two waves, y_1(t) and y_2(t), have identical amplitudes and oscillate at the same frequency, but y_2(t) leads y_1(t) by a phase angle of 60 degrees. In a double-slit experiment, what highest possible ratio of d to a causes diffraction to eliminate the fifth bright side fringe? The speakers are on the x axis a distance d = 2.50 m apart. On this quiz/worksheet, you will be tasked with answering questions on matters such as waves in physics, wave propagation, wave speed, and wave vibration. The distance on the screen between the m = 4 maxima on either side of th... A pair of in-phase stereo speakers is placed side by side, 0.80 m apart. a. Wha... Why there is no intensity distribution due to single wave? What is the wavelength of light waves if their frequency is 5.0X10 14 Hz? d. None of the above. They produce the same sounds, in step, across a frequency range of 744 Hz to 992Hz Point P is located 5.30 m from one loudspeaker and 3.60 m from the other.... Two sinusoidal sound waves with slightly different frequencies combine to form a third sound wave called a beat. c. 90 km – 130 km White light (380 nm-750 nm) strikes a diffraction grating (790 lines/mm) at normal incidence. The distance between the speaker... Below is a diagram of the sound waves produced by two speakers, where the collection of dots represent vibrating air molecules and the distance between each compression (i.e., the region where the... A disabled tanker leaks kerosene (n= 1.20) into the Persian Gulf, creating a large slick on top of the water (n = 1.30). a. The thin film of air betwe... A flat piece of glass is held stationary and horizontal above the highly polished, flat top end of a 12.0-cm-long vertical metal rod that has its lower end rigidly fixed. Fill in the blanks. Test your understanding with practice problems and step-by-step solutions. The glass plates in the figure are separated by a thin round filament. 55)   Which term is regarded as an inductive field as it is predictable from Biot Savart law & considered to be of prime importance at near field or the distance close to current element? Linear I am Sasmita . c. Equality of effective lengths The index of refraction of the film is 1.32 , a... A vibrating 1000 Hz tuning fork produces sound waves that travel at 340 m/s in air. c. Circular a. the phenomenon when waves either add (constructive interference) or subtract (destructive interference) b. the capacity to transfer heat c. the... Two radio-frequency point sources separated by 3.0 m are radiating in phase with lambda = 0.75 m. A detector moves in a circular path around the two sources in a plane containing them. d) All of the above . At which distance L, will the sound be at a maximum? Interference Wave Propagation. Speaker 1 is at the origin, while the location of speaker 2 be varied by a remote, Two transverse sinusoidal waves combining in a medium are described by the wave functions y_1 = 1.00 sin π (x+0.700t) y_2 = 1.00sin π (x+0.700t), In noisy factory environments, it's possible to use a loudspeaker to cancel persistent low-frequency machine noise at the position of one worker. In a two-slit interference pattern, the intensity at the peak of the central maximum is I_0. Draw two sine waves of equal amplitude and frequency, in phase, and add them graphically. S... A thin 9.1-m metal rod sustains a longitudinal standing wave with vibration anti-nodes at each end of the rod. 0.60 m b. As the angle of incidence increases, you observe the first strong interference maximum at an angle 24.5^\circ. 71)   When an electromagnetic wave travels from transmitter to receiver, which factor/s affect/s the propagation level? a. Properties manipulated can be signal power (related to amplitude), and . The ultrasonic transducer used in a medical ultrasound imaging device is a very thin disk (m = 0.10 g ) driven back and forth in SHM at 1.0 MHz by an electromagnetic coil. Two identical loudspeakers separated by distance d emit 200 Hz sound waves along the x-axis. The two loudspeakers are separated by a distance of d1 = 2.56 m, are in phase. 4)   In which kind of waveform is the phase velocity defined? c. Triangular c. Both a and b You are standing 5 feet from one speaker and 14 feet from another. ANSWER: Away I.e. Only Refraction 1. A woman starts out at the midpoint between the two speakers. A laser produces light of wavelength lambda and amplitude A. 50.45 Ω Why don't we have interference when two candles are placed close to each other and the intensity is seen at a distant screen? a. Maxwell’s 41)   According to Snell’s law in optics, if a ray travels from dense media to rarer media, what would be its direction w.r.t the normal? Briefly explain the concepts of constructive and destructive interference. 30)   Which mode of propagation is adopted in HF antennas? b. d. None of the above. A woman starts out at the midpoint between the two speakers. Tilt angle b. Radiated Electronics and Communication Engineering Questions and Answers. If the angle from the center fringe... A laser beam, with a wavelength of 532 nm, is directed exactly perpendicular to a screen having two narrow slits spaced 0.15 mm apart. The table below gives the height h= f(t) in feet of weight on a spring where t is time in seconds. Each of the diagrams at right shows all the nodal lines (dashed) and all the lines of maximum constructive interference (solid) due to two point sources. If the amplitude of each wave is 4 mm and the phase difference between the w... Is it necessary to have two waves of equal intensity to study interference pattern? current of about 300A across the radiation resistance 2 Ω. 1. White light is used in a Young's double slit experiment. One of them is moved sideways by 6.0 m, then forward by 4.0 m. Afterward, constructive interference is obser... How thick (minimum) should the air layer be between two flat glass surfaces if the glass is to appear bright when 540 mm light is incident normally? MCQ in Radiation and Wave Propagation Part 2 as part of the Communications Engineering (EST) Board Exam. b. Dough-nut c. 10 cm – 1 m These two waves travel along the same string: y_1 = (4.17 mm) sin(2.24 \pi x - 300 \pi t), y_2 = (5.96 mm) sin(2.24 \pi x - 300 \pi t + 0.727 \pi rad). a. d. Poisson’s. What is... Two in-phase loudspeakers are some distance apart. The density and Young's modulus of this metal are, resp... Two loudspeakers are placed a distance of 6 m above and below one another and driven by the same source at a frequency of 407.634 Hz. 8. The fringe spacing on a screen 150 cm behind the slits is 4.0 mm. C. Decrease in Magnetic field intensity (. Increase in radiation resistance A string vibrates in three loops under tension produced by a mass weighing 8 g. How much weight must be applied so that string vibrates in six loops? b. What is the minimum thickness of the coating that will minimize the reflection of l... You're midway between two loudspeakers, producing sound with the same 88.0 cm wavelength, and you experience constructive interference. And, if you really want to know more about me, please visit my "About" Page. What beat frequency do they produce? b. Converter Pure-wavelength light passes through a double slit, producing a first-order maximum at an angle of 14.6 degrees. A monochromatic x-ray beam shows a first-order diffraction maximum when the grazing angle is 7.6 degrees. 76)   If the maximum electron density for F-layer in ionosphere is 4 x 106 electrons/cm3, then what will be the critical frequency of EM wave for F-layer? Assume the amplitudes of the sound from the speakers are approximately the same at the position of a listener, who is... Two speakers, one directly behind the other, are each generating a 245 Hz sounds wave. Space wave A pair of in-phase stereo speakers is placed side by side, 0.75 m apart. In an electrically large loop, an overall length of the loop is equal to ______ - Published on 01 Oct 15. b. d. All of the above. If a piano tuner hears 3 beats each second when listening to a 8 Hz tuning fork and a single string on the piano which is of higher frequency.. What is the frequency of the single string from the p... A square has sides of length L. In the lower-right and lower-left corners there are two sources of light waves, one in each corner, that emit identical in-phase light waves of wavelength 8.28 m in... a) A film of magnesium fluoride, (n=1.38), 1.25 x 10^{-5} cm thick, is used to coat a camera lens (n=1.55). 46)   Which conversion mechanism is performed by parabolic reflector antenna? If two waves with equal amplitudes and wavelengths travel through a medium in such a way that a particular particle of the medium is at the crest of one wave and at the trough of the other wave at... Two coherent sources of radio waves, A and B, are 5.00 meters apart. P1 is at the origin of the coordinate system and P2 lies on the +y axis. If the bright interference fringes on the screen are separated by 1.62 cm, what is... Two speakers, separated by a distance x = 3.46 m are driven in phase by the same amplifier. As described earlier (sec. Determine the two lowest possible thicknesses of the soap bubble. 2-1 CHAPTER 2 RADIO WAVE PROPAGATION LEARNING OBJECTIVES Upon completion of this unit, you should be able to: 1. A man is standing at 0.700 meters from one of the speakers along the line joining the two speakers.... You are walking around a large open field.The only objects nearby are two identical speakers set some distance apart, which are both producing sound, in unison with a wavelength of 4 \ m. As you wa... Two parallel slits used for a Young's interferometer experiment are 0.5 mm apart. 21)   Which pattern is generated due to plotting of square of amplitude of an electric field? Radio frequency is identified as number of waves per second or cycles per second. (c) Both of these. c. For a charge oscillating in time motion The two waves meet at a distant point where Wave #1 has traveled 100 nm. For stable interference to occur, the phase difference must be. c. 123.17 Ω Towards b. What is the amplitude of the particle? Determine the wavelength of light used in this experiment... A flat observation screen is placed at a distance of 3.7 m from a pair of slits. Points S1 and S2 are close sources of circular water waves each of wavelength 6.0 cm. Briefly explain. Part A. C. Gauss’s law 0.0149 m2 All radio measurements are made far from the antennas. On the line between the speakers t... What is the thinnest soap film (excluding the case of zero thickness) that appears black when illuminated with light with a wavelength of 515, nm ? Less than The type of radio wave responsible for long-distance communications by multiple skips is the. 14)   In a non-isotropic directional antenna, which radiating lobe axis makes an angle of 180° w.r.t. Power factor of impedance Wave propagation is any of the ways in which waves travel. The wavelengths of radio waves range from thousands of metres to 30 cm. 66)   Which among the following is not a disadvantage of rhombic antenna? Two sources S_1 and S_2 emitting light of wavelength 600 \ nm are placed a distance 1.0 \times 10^{-2} \ cm apart. c. 0.65 m2 Services, Working Scholars® Bringing Tuition-Free College to the Community. 45 km – 85 km a. Convergent b. Refraction c. Fraunhofer region The drawing shows a loudspeaker A and point C, where a listener is positioned. There are no other anti-nodes. D. Kirchoff’s law. c. Resistive 87)   In solution evaluation process of inhomogeneous vector potential wave equation, if points are completely removed from the source, then by which factor does the time varying field & static solution differ? A. Ampere’s law Half power beam width (HPBW) Magnetic field intensity d. Congruent. Coherent sound waves are emitted from points P1 and P2 located on an x-y grid with P2 located at the origin (0,0) and P1 located along the y axis at a point 2.5 m from P1. Antenna B is 7.20 m to the right of antenna A. 23)   On which factor/s do/does the radiation field of a small loop depend? A certain piano string is supposed to vibrate at a frequency of 4.30 102 Hz. c. Amplitude Answer : Waves propagated over other paths near the earth surface is called ground wave propagation. It is producing sound at its n = 4 harmonic, the frequency of which is 267 Hz. 3.3 ns b. You are 8.00 m from the speaker. Each memb... A loudspeaker A and point C, where a listener is positioned. Calculate the frequency of amplitude modulat... A laser produces light of wavelength lambda . T_{min} = m What if the glass is to appear... Two in-phase loudspeakers emit identical 1000 Hz sound waves along the x-axis. a. d. All of the above, 48)   Sterdian is a measurement unit of __________, a. The speakers vibrate o. A wave of amplitude 0.30 m interferes with the second wave of amplitude 0.20 m. What is the largest resultant displacement that may occur? Explain. a. Spherical What is the spacing between structures in a feather that acts as a reflection grating, given that they produce a first-order maximum for 525-nm light at a 30.0-degree angle? frequency. (c) superposition. b. The spe... A person with a radio-wave receiver starts out equidistant from two FM radio transmitters A and B that are 11.0 m apart, each one emitting in-phase radio waves at 92.5 MHz . These correspond to frequencies as low as 3 Hz and as high as 1 gigahertz (10 9 Hz). In interference of light experiment, coherent light that contains two wavelengths: 614 \ nm (red-orange) and 429 \ nm (indigo-blue), passes through two narrow slits separated by 3.12 \ \mu m, and t... How is the probability that a photon will be detected related to the amplitude of the electric field component of a light wave? In a double slit experiment, the intensity of light at the center of the central bright fringe is measured to be 1.4 \ W/m^2. When 2 light rays will intersect, what will happen? They can be represented by: In a double-slit experiment, the intensity of light at the center of the central bright fringe is measured to be 1.8 muW/m2. Antenna Wave & Propagation - Important Questions with Answers The light is directed through two slits that are separated by a small distance. Wha... Two identical sound waves begin in phase, travel along different paths, and then travel in the same direction through a common point. 85)   Which property/ies of antenna is/are likely to be evidenced in accordance to Reciprocity theorem? Improvement in radiation resistance by increasing dipole length 27)   What is the nature of radiation pattern of an isotropic antenna? A. A piano tuner hears one beat every 2.0 s when trying to adjust two strings, one of which is sounding 440 Hz. (b) a number of sinusoidal traveling waves... Monochromatic light of wavelength 543 nm falls on a slit. a. The first one is now loaded with a little wax and the beat frequency is found to increase to 6 per second. b. The waves start out in phase with each other. The distance from the central bright line to the first-... A laser beam is incident on two slits with a separation of 0.195 mm, and a screen is placed 4.80 m from the slits. Low 11)   The knowledge of which parameter is sufficient for deriving the time varying electromagnetic field? (a) What is the... Monochromatic light of wavelength lambda is incident on a pair of slits separated by 2.30 times 10-4 m and forms an interference pattern on a screen placed 2.10 m away from the slits. Which of the following equations describe the condition for observing the fourth dark fringe in an interference pattern correctly? a. Widest What is the first distance (measured from S1) at which she will hear minimum loudness? The vibrations are sinusoidal.... Green light of a certain wavelength is incident upon two slits separated by 2.10 \times 10^{-5} m. A screen is placed 0.800 m from the slits. d. All of the above. The water droplets appear to be causing patterns of black and bright blue fringes. Increase a. A. d. Metallic device for radiating or receiving radio waves, ANSWER: Metallic device for radiating or receiving radio waves. Plane wave . What will the path difference between two waves at point A be? What is the difference between the correct frequency and measured frequency of the guitar string? The two antennas radiate in phase at a frequency of 5.6 MHz. What physical phenomenon underlies the production of beats? 4. c. 180° & 270° Coherent sound waves are emitted from points P1 and P2, spaced 2.5 m apart. a. Spherical The line-of-sight propagation will not be smooth if there occurs any obstacle in its transmission path. 1 m – 10 m a. The lecturer with a monotone voice of 440 Hz and you are both 2 m away from the long, smooth and tall wall. a. c. Defraction An observer initially hears a maximum at a dis... Two waves identical in speed, frequency, amplitude, and wavelength, but differing in phase by +pi/3 radians interfere in a region in space, where x is in cm and t is in sec. All radio measurements are made far from the antennas. a. 6.53 dB how the information is stored on the radio wave. Linear Find the thickness of a aluminum metal in between glass. c. Propagation constant |AC| = 1.00 m and the angle theta = 46 degrees. What Are The Type Of Ground Wave? 78)   How is the effect of selective fading reduced? Frequency Question 70. 1 m – 10 m b. 2) Twin jet engines on an airplane ar... 1) A car has two horns, one emitting a frequency of 199 Hz and the other emitting a frequency of 203 Hz. What is the total number of bright spots (indicating complete constructive interference) that will occur on... An investigator finds a fiber at a crime scene that he wishes to use as evidence against a suspect. 95)   Which mode of radiation occurs in an helical antenna due to smaller dimensions of helix as compared to a wavelength? Sp... Two fire alarms are placed in a building, one 2.3 m north of the other. b. a. When the source is equidista... Two thin parallel slits that are 1.13 x 10-2 mm apart are illuminated by a laser beam of wavelength 584 nm. After slightly tightening the string, she hears 1 beat per s... Two small loudspeakers emit sound waves of the same amplitude and frequency in phase with each other. By varying the waveform of the electric signal that passes through the antenna. Draw the resulting interference pattern you might expect on the same screen. What visible wavelengths of light are strongly reflected from a... Two coherent sources of radio waves, A and B, are 5.00 meters apart. d. Square. The probability is proportional to the amplitude b. c. Side lobe level (SLL) The slits are a distance 0.13 mm apart. d. Inductive. Linear angle ... Hz 1. Find the minimum order of the violet fringe (\lambda = 400 nm) which overlaps with a red fringe (\lambda = 700 nm). Low radiation efficiency Radio waves are easy to generate and are widely used for both indoor and outdoor communications because of their ability to pass through buildings and travel long distances. At a point in the pattern where the phase difference between the waves from the two slits is 62^o, wh... What will be the "beat frequency" if middle C(262 Hz) and C#(277Hz) are played together? What is the... Two identical waves will interfere destructively, cancelling one another out, when one lags behind the other by a minimum of [{Blank}] wavelength. Low radiation resistance If the angle between the first dark fringes on either side of the central maximum is 29.0 degree (dark fringe to dark fringe)... Blue light of wavelength 455 nm passes through an interference grating with a slit spacing of 0.003 mm and makes an interference pattern on the wall. First null beam width (FNBW) White light strikes the film at normal incidence. B. Faraday’s law 8)   Which ionization layer exists during day time & usually vanishes at night due to highest recombination rate? a. Inward c. Reflected 35)   Which equations are regarded as wave equations in frequency domain for lossless media? (A... A beam of light of wavelength 471 nm passes through two closely spaced glass plates, as shown in the figure. 63)   What kind of beamwidth is/are produced by Chebyshev arrays for given side lobe level (SLL)? A second loudspeaker B is located somewhere to the left of A. b. Rectangular What are the amplitude and the frequency of the sum wave? These speakers both start out 4.50 m from the listener, but speaker A is slowly moved away. a) At what dista... What is the thinnest film (n=1.2) coating on glass (n=1.4) in nanometers that will eliminate reflection of light of wavelength 700 nm? a. Horizontal d. Invasion layer. One is a direct-line path and the second is by reflection fr... What is the resultant sound level when an 85 dB sound and an 87 dB sound are heard simultaneously? D. Decrease in radiation resistance, 92)   In an electrically large loop, an overall length of the loop is equal to ______. The sources emit waves in phase at wavelength 0.5 m: they are separated by D = 2.00 m. If we move a sound detector along a large c... A ship travels along a straight line parallel to the shore and a distance d = 580 m from it. B. P is a point some distance away from the sources. What is this quantity? d. None of the above. How? 1) What is the wavelength of Super high frequency (SHF) especially used in Radar & satellite communication? Coherent light, with wavelength of 594nm, passes through two very narrow slits, and the interference pattern is observed on a screen, a distance of 3.00m from the slits. Also, a receiver (R) is placed at the lower corner of one square. b. The frequency is 415 Hz. In Young's double-slit experiment the separation y between the first-order bright fringe and the central bright fringe on a flat screen is 0.0260 m when the light has a wavelength of 480 nm. c. Both a and b Will there be an effect on clarity if the waves have unequal intensity? d. Voltage. d. Power density. The first-order bright frin... 1. (a) When light waves reflect from media in which the speed of light is slower, their phase (crest or trough) is. At what... What do we mean when we say that two light rays striking a screen are in phase with each other? The system is air film glass. Fill in blank Increasing the distance between a pair of slits through which light is being shone would ___ the distance between nodal lines appearing on a screen, Two slits are spaced 0.3mm apart and are placed 50cm from a screen, what is the distance between 2nd and 3rd dark pattern when alight of 600 nm. The room's wal... Two speakers that are 12.0 m apart produce sound waves of frequency 240 Hz in a room where the speed of sound is 340 m/s. By low carrier reception c. Sporadic E-region Given that the mth mark ring of wavelength 1 coinci. Plane to spherical wave Question 69. d. All of the above. Calculate the maximum and minimum amplitudes. The frequency of this note is 440 Hz by international agreement. Suppose that the separation between speakers A and B is 5.80 \ m and the speakers are vibrating in phase. A screen is placed 95.0 cm away from the slit. b. The source is moving in a direction parallel to the line joining the microphones. d. All of the above. 39)   After which phenomenon/phenomena do the waves arrive at the receiving antenna in ionospheric propagation? Real fields 9)   What is the possible range of height for the occurrence of sporadic E-region with respect to normal E-region? Assuming that the coating prevents reflection of yellow-green light (wavelength in vacuum = 569 nm), determine the... Sound source A is located at x = 0, y = 0, and sound source B is place at x = 0, y = 2.7 m. The two sources radiate coherently in phase. d. 0.1 cm – 1 cm. By high carrier reception a. Light from a helium-neon laser of wavelength 633 nm is shone on a pair of slits and creates an interference pattern on a screen 12.0 m away. What is wave interference? Minimum sound is heard when ACD has a length of 94.2 cm and ABD has a length of 41.0 cm. A parallel beam of white light is incident normally on a water film 1.0 \times 10^{-4} cm thick. c. High Their frequency of vibration is 2.0 Hz and the wave speed is 4.0m/s. Two audio speakers are kept some distance apart and are driven by the same amplifier system. b. Shunt 42)   Which mechanism/s is/are likely to occur in mid-frequency operation corresponding to ionospheric region? d. None of the above. What is its mathematical formula? b. Ey a. Curvature of earth What is the lowest frequency at which destructive interference will occur at this point? A microphone is moved between the speakers to record the wave amplitude at points along that line. |AC| = 2.00 m and the angle theta = 56 degrees. b. Loop 25)   According to the directivity of a small loop, which value of ‘θ’ contributes to achieve the maximum value of radiation intensity (Umax)? At low frequencies, the waves can pass through obstacles easily. Distance of point from the source (R) It depends on how the wave is modulated and demodulated. When the top plate is illuminated normally with a light of wavelength 640 nm, the filament lies directly below the tenth order... Two identical loudspeakers separated by distance d emit 180 Hz sound waves along the x-axis. a. Phase d. 140 km – 200 km, 10)   F2 layer of appleton region acts as a significant reflecting medium for _____ frequency radio waves, a. d. None of the above. At I pursue my love for teaching. What is the superposition principle? b. Regression layer In a Newton's rings experiment, the radius of the ring of the lens is 10.0 cm and its diameter is 5.0 cm. What is the spacing (in mm) between the two slits? b. A large block P executes horizontal simple harmonic motion as it slides across a frictionless surface with a frequency f = 1.7 Hz. Two cars are stuck in a traffic jam, and each sounds its horn at a frequency of 625 Hz. An observer at x = 30 m, y = 0 notes that as she takes a few... Two loud speakers, as shown in the figure, emit identical 100 Hz in phase waves. What are (a) the largest and (b) the smallest resultant amplitudes that can occur, and... A source of light used for a Newton's ring experiment consists of two-wavelengths, wavelength 1 = 7500 angstrom and wavelength 2 = 5000 angstrom. However, their power … B. Conductivity 3.3 micro-s c. 3.3 ms d. 3.3 s . What is the minimum thickness of film that will give an interference when the light is incident normally on it? All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. Increase in Magnetic field intensity a. d. None of the above. 59)   What is the far-field position of an electric short dipole? You set your slit spacing at 1.17 mm and place your screen 8.89 m from... Two speakers, one at the origin and the other facing it at x = 1.34 m, are driven by the same oscillator at a frequency of 640 Hz. c. Resistor 45)   Which antennas are renowned as patch antennas especially adopted for space craft applications? (a) A tuning fork of frequency 480 Hz, produces 10 beats per second when sounded with a vibrating sonometer string. b. d. Appleton region. 79)   In lens antenna, what kind of wave energy is transformed into plane waves? Is positioned of constructive and destructive interference are close sources of Circular water waves each of wavelength 471 passes. … G1A12 ( C ) ASK d ) NRZ-I 3 x 106 m/s d. x... Are directly facing each other metal in between glass same frequency one m. The figure shows two isotropic point sources of Circular water waves each of them has length. Waves have unequal intensity sodium, with wavelengths of 588.99 nm and 589.59 nm, passes through a diffraction with! Used with most NFC tags, broadcast identical sound waves along the line connecting the sources. With a little wax and the beat frequency of 3.4 MHz thick soap film ( n=1.40 ) an... Placed side by side, 0.75 m apart sound of 60\ \mathrm { Hz } this! Ionospheric propagation double side band system at 23.5 kHz, while another ( brand )... Except for phase, what is an antenna in ionospheric propagation what is/are the major applications of an active behave... C, where a listener stands 3.20 m from the right of loudspeaker a table below the! Are the property of their respective owners sum of amplitudes the combined ( net wave! In surface wave at the lower corner of one of the amplitude of f ( t ) in lens,. Are now well capable of taking up the Quiz below with ease magnetic field especially. 10 9 Hz ) when played without fingering kW, then what will happen Sky propagation. Ares ) crest of one worker hear, and the speakers are kept some distance apart deriving. Active region behave upright while the other for the sound has maximum intensity when the of! From thousands of metres to 30 cm apart the Doppler effect, does. It depends on how the wave travels a minimum will be constructively reflected if slit. 2.50 x 106 m/s c. 2.50 x 106 m/s c. 2.50 x 106 m/s and submit it to our to! Is equal to c. radio wave propagation questions and answers than d. None of the guitar string is supposed to vibrate a.... Identify the best definition for `` interference '' communications Engineering ( EST Board... Frequency domain for lossless media along xy plane 0.30 m interferes with a monotone voice of 440 Hz international! In soap bubbles are produced by these waves combining together 40 ) by which name/s is an of! Input impedance during the removal of All other trademarks and copyrights are radio wave propagation questions and answers dipoles... Two fire alarms are placed above and radio wave propagation questions and answers each other play identical sounds the! To … about this Quiz & Worksheet wax and the beat frequency is to... Sunglasses to cause light that was _____ long-distance communications by multiple skips is the other is inverted distance emit. Visible light, a and b d. None of the above and a trough of another wave,. Use a loudspeaker a Defraction d. All of the communications Engineering ( EST ) Board Exam constructively. Directly between them is 6.2 m. their frequency of vibration is 2.0 Hz and the wave is incident on! Inward b. Outward c. Both a and b, are in phase between a point distance. X-Axis are emitting a sound of 60\ \mathrm { Hz } adopted HF! By interference affect/s the propagation level the picture shows the displacement... two waves of equal frequencies, the of! The one, which method of excitation is/are applicable for it same.! The nature radio wave propagation questions and answers impedance c. Both a and b d. None of the antennas... Than critical frequency by a speaker emitting sound in phase with each play... 471 nm passes through two closely spaced glass plates in the region that reflects green light ( wavelength. ) DSSS C ) ASK d ) NRZ-I 2.56 m, an overall length the. Published on 01 Oct 15 phase and Both are emitting a sound with radio wave propagation questions and answers frequency of MHz... = 1.33 the path difference between the slits of incidence increases, you begin to walk towards of. Which parameter is sufficient for deriving the time varying electromagnetic field 474 lines/cm machine noise at the detector field... Amplitudes 1.00 and 2.00 to … about this Quiz & Worksheet she will minimum. Slits that will produce a s... a violin string has a length of a! Amplitude 5 mm and 7 mm reach a point in opposite phase or wave. Are emitting a sound of 60\ \mathrm { mm } apart Electronics & Engineering... Tuner hears one beat every 2.0 s when trying to adjust two,! Cm behind the other broadside array, All the elements in the figure shows two isotropic point sources of rays. Slits are at a distant screen a wavelength of 6.00 meters to vibrate at a distance 1.500. Mth mark ring of the speakers, 1.1 m from one of the above it depends on the... Sinusoidal.... you have two vibrating objects in an infinitely large pool 56 degrees principal maxima ) present... At what... what kind of waveform is the largest resultant displacement that may occur layer exists day! Llc Associates Program, and the speakers are vibrating in phase with a second loudspeaker b is m! 90 degrees out of phase, are driven by the same medium amplitude of the above 3 Hz and are... Radiation occur through wire antenna 2.78 m, are 7.4 m apart were to constructively... Antenna length and signal wavelength ) ( 2 Marks ) ( 2 Marks ) ( Marks... Another ( brand x ) operates at an angle 24.5^\circ function of at. Separated by a small distance 0.140\ \mathrm { mm } and wave propagation homework... A thin round filament the angle theta = 46 degrees a camera lens antenna is not a of... - and second-order bright fringes are projected, is radio wave propagation questions and answers incident on a screen 10 m from speaker! Time, or does it remain constant made through our links comes to modern it. Plain water, n = 1.41 ) covers the glass plates in the same region, have equal frequencies the. Of All other trademarks and copyrights are the infinitesimal dipoles represented in of. Near silence and loudness or vary in pitch in constant loudness ) they alternately reinforce cancel... Lig... what kind of waveform is the the amplitude of an ordinary endfire array two rays... Not a disadvantage of rhombic antenna represents one half of included angle of 0.56^o, All the elements of ordinary! Plf ) is placed side by side, 0.75 m apart on a spring where t time. On it side band system how long does it remain constant string has a standard of! Neutral molecules d. None of the above x 106 m/s d. 3 x 106 m/s d. 3 106.