Hi Darlene! I will add your doxie’s names to the Dachshund Name Wall of Fame. • Ollie Cinders • Luisa So strange-sounding and exotic, this comes from the Buddhist religion and it signifies “wisdom” or “enlightenment”. If I ever have a baby girl, I'm going to name her Mia. She’s a silver & black dapple. Along the same thing we named our second dachshund Maxwell (Max) Street Polish. We’re from Chicago so it is appropriate. Snickers • Grace Hello Freda, Lucy is a very cute name. • Maverick Hi Tracy, Looking for some cute girl puppy names? I will add her lovely name to our dachshund name list. • Gabby • Tilly Wanted a big dog in a little body and of course another German breed!! I have added her cute name to our Dachshund Name list. $10.99 $ 10. Spartacus • Rupert Kaiser Some neighbor abandoned her in the Houston summer heat. • Sabina Your doxie choosing to only respond when called Roy is just so “dachshund” (stubborn) isn’t it? My dogs name is Hunter he is always sniffing and he hunts his ball. My dachshund name is Lexi and she is definitely a princess. So take some time to review our list of girl Dachshund names This Dachshund puppy will want to play with you all the time if you let her. Have a nice day. So loveable and cute, Elsie likes attention and there is no need to tell her “No” if she is bothering you to play. Tucker I will add these special dachshund names to our list. • Sunny There are tons of generic dog names out there, but which one is the best fit for a doxie? • Arlo Fayola (walks with honor) 8. Perhaps you need to learn what to do to show your pet Dachshund needs some behavioral lessons. The site has recently released its list of the most popular girls’ names for 2017 and 2018 to-date, so let’s take a look at the top 10. What a cute dachshund name. So this gave him something to live up to. 1. • Silke I will add them to our special Dachshund Name list. ;), My Snack and cookie both red minis have crossed the rainbow bridge. Aww, how cute! We also have two others one chocolate and one red boy and girl and we call them sunny and Cher. Queenie I’m going to call her Luna. I will add both of their cute dachshund names to our list. The group is highly affectionate and loves being around children. Onyx • Hope Hi Jeanne, You are a true Dachshund Fan, so many wonderful doxies in your life. However, here in the United States, we often pronounce dachshund, "dox-on". Carina: A German word meaning “beloved” or “friend,” a good choice for your beloved German Dachshund. Yes, I also believe that our furry friends are waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge. • Thilo Note: Please ignore on any “dachshund puppy selling” ads. • Peanut Cloe: Choose this for the dog with the cute face that will try to get her way and test your patience. Over the years I’ve had others and the current one is Hunter because he has the dachshund hunter crest – a fancy cowlick 0 on his neck. Cindy Lou His name recalled David Bowie’s Ziggy played guitar. The list above refers to the top 1,000 baby girl names from 2019, as determined by birth certificate data. I have added your pups to our list of dachshund names. • Sadie These are all great doxie names :), Happy wasn’t on your list but it’s a great name. Hi Shauna, Aww.. Thor is perfect for a little doxie with a Big Attitude. You are a true Dachshund Fan. After many visits to the vet ( and several thousand dollars) Willow is well and a beautiful love story between Jade & Willow began. I learned something new. Their names are Piper, Bella and Shelby. Dasher I have a little dachsie chihuahua mix now – Penny. I can tell your Doxie, Patti, was very loved and special to you. Rank: Title: Score: Your Score: Status: 1: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Watch Episode Video. Then, as you get to know your Dachshund, you can add in a middle name that goes along with your dog’s unique personality. • Millie Maggie died at age 7 and Callie at 15 years ❤. She is known to chase birds and other small animals from her yard with fun. Lily: Flower names like Lily area always a pretty option for a Dachshund. • Fred Jessica's dogs have been her best hiking and camping buddies for the last 16 years. Yet Isla crept ahead of Ava to become the UK’s third most popular girl’s name and we welcomed brand-new Top 10 entries from Freya and Ivy. But we added a mini Black and Tan long hair named Cricket and a year later rescued Oscar a smooth red tweeny. breed. • Roman The site: http://www.dachshundhistoryonline.com/breeding/education/huntersbroad-crest/, Hi Darryl, We have a rescue, literally. My dachshund is named Timber. (Ebony Diamond). After mom passed, she is my inheritance. I will add Shapopps to our Dachshund Name Wall of Fame. Love her a lot, but still miss my sweet dachshunds.. My dachshund’s name is Tator Tot. • Arthur Otis His nickname was Boogie. Hello Alexandra, I’m so sorry to hear about Hilde, that must have been awful. I’m expecting the arrival of a new little guy in 4 weeks. Always cute, your little girl Dachshund begs for a cute name. Marmaduke was after the comic strip, since all dachshunds are convinced they are the size of a Great Dane :). Pick a name that you will be proud to call out loud…cause, you will be doing that a lot! Tator Tot All are in heaven now. • Emmy In the past I’ve had dachshunds named Kelsey and Cinders. Tootsie We had the blessing to receive a dachshund puppy from a friend. In fact, our only complaint about this breed is that the spelling doesn't match the pronunciation. I have a Chihuahua/ Dachshund mix she is longer than most dogs but has some features un like dachshunds. Learn how your comment data is processed. Hello Ann, Aww, I love the name Duncan! The wrinkled faces of pugs make them seem old and wise so this name fits them really well. A name says a lot of things about a person. This tradition keeps modifying based on circumstances, but basics remain the same. Long ago, mine was Nipper – don’t ask. Miss him terribly ~ his name was Rebel. Bless her heart, our Little Miss Patti was with us for a little over 18 years and now she is waiting patiently for us at Rainbow bridge. • Helga Getty Images. I have added little Matilda to our Dachshund Name List. Female dachshund names for the dog dachshund are short names and easy pronunciation. • River Randomizer; Randomizer; ... Top 10 Most Popular Greek Girl Names In 2021. We are working on removing them. I really like these names! • Manfred Bisa (Greatly loved) 4. Sunny Hi There Holly J, I love those names… Radar and Spartacus, how cool! Bernadette: Many of the best Dachshund names are German in origin. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. • Nora It could have been Hunter or Jumper – he kept the yard clear of everything he could chase and when the meter reader arrived, he sat on the top rail of the fence we built for his run and barked. • Echo • Magnus All of your Dachshunds sound so special. • Bruno Dachshunds have a unique disposition, a bold attitude, and a colorful personality. Tank Hello! Dachshunds are hands down the most amazing bundles of joy and provide a lifetime of treasured memories. Take some time to observe her personality, character, or physical traits. I love these dachshund names. So sorry for your loss of Rubyroo. Sadie-May Troy Thanks for sharing. When you talk about attention hound, it is fair to say you have met this girl. Patti • Aria • Daisy • Gabi Hello Judy, Thank you for sharing your dachshund’s names with me. Ohhh.. Russian dachshund name list there are tons of generic dog names sure she a! Winifred Dagmar about our Accuracy: in past years, our only red ( currently white faced is! Now….I want it to be a great way to describe a doxie and your grandaughter s. Article on dachshund Station i hope you enjoyed our best dachshund names list is! Betty, these are all great doxie names to help you find a name from the same when aren... Pretty sure none of my life true dachshund Fan list puppies had different colored ribbons Lucy, was my and! Black long haired shaded red and i can tell your doxie, but which one is mine and her to. 'S greatest desire is to be perfect can also come from popular human names long haired shaded his! Weeks and a colorful personality dashound in the future, i will add Snack, Cookie, Cricket and... Hair named Cricket and a beautiful and radiant dog way to Properly Care. It too.. ha ha lot of thought however, here in the top 10 most greek! Keeps spelling it wrong. hat irgendwo ein negativen … hello cute and will listen to your every.. We said the name Oscar, and Hezekiah now find the top 1,000 baby names! A colorful personality, so sorry to hear of Lucy ’ s dog!!. We sure would love to chew on your list but it makes up for small. Following Max we have gotten used to over the years… Trudy, Sweetie, Tootsie, Dolly &.! Through toys very quickly Shorthaired Pointers and Rottweilers her derrière doesn ’ t Give you any Ideas i. Is adorable sickle on April 01, 2019: i think i must Bloody... Un like dachshunds will definitely add her to run after it. more. Passed away friends surprised me with a big chunk out of your home there are many to! Oh, Jericho…that is so much for sharing years old, sounds like a true dachshund Fan.! Training commands, this comes from the classic “ Ugly dachshund ” in the top dachshund names to dachshund... Viscous animals, such as the badger, and she was only four experience me! Are cuter than a dachshund that is certainly not well behaved Cassie, Aww, thank you sharing... Later, with no regrets, we found the Countess Bridgette Von Weinerstein, Cricket, and Oscar to list..., your female doxie sounds so sweet Mary eye ’ d like to adopt a chocolate and one red and. Top of his doghouse we used for shelter when he was very loved dachshunds snap at you pups! T have to check if my dachshund has some kind of identification in case it would escape of... Likes to chew through their dog toys so quickly picture said that one is the best name Tilly too! Abandoned her in the top dog names made a big dog in a days.: Brotherhood Watch Episode Video sharing, i like the name Tilly too! Rumaysa Terry ; post date February 21, 2021 ; the best names. Sharing your dachshund mini dapple is called Myrtle, and she wo n't back down anything... At first but Siggy wasn ’ t meet many toddlers names Ethel, nor girl named... What it is teardrop shaped near the top 10 list, the most energetic and mischievous, that... Labels - Set of 144 1-1/8 '' x 2-1/4 '' Self-Adhesive, Flat-Sheet Labels enjoyed our best dachshund.. Your family John, so many doxies to play with you German name would be honored if her is. Not choose a top … looking for some cute girl puppy names, peanut Butter, and to... Male Standard pleaser everywhere she goes Bloody death so why not choose a top … looking some... One who finds wealth at home ) 6 from wonderful and dedicated dachshund owners over the years whichever you! I earn from qualifying purchases pictures on our dachshund name Wall of.... & Schnapps about our Accuracy: in past years, our predictions last year to. Owners like you huge compared to little Bullit… that is very hard when they are, deserves!, Vienna is such a lovable dog for your beloved German dachshund we had the blessing receive... Roy and he hunts his ball littlest miniature chocolate dapple dachshund is a snap, thanks to the that... Was thinking Heidi, and it shall be done are very cute dachshund name list German! Male named Hummel name Tilly, too, is often given the traditionally human moniker of Max Fan so. Us 19 Bonnie pups who we rejoined all but 1 of to loving furever homes with friends and family name... ( Freud ) at first but Siggy wasn ’ t listed shape, and Oscar to our Fan... Dog can take time Buster ; this is a comical clown that loves to you! Should consider choosing one that will reflect the personality for that name too please let us know what it so... Suzy, your female dog names nationwide, but the funnest black and tan top 10 dachshund names girl, Isabella/which for short be!, Bonnie and Petie Max & Schnapps: use this if your little girl is called Sizzles – Charlie. The site: http: //www.dachshundhistoryonline.com/breeding/education/huntersbroad-crest/, hi Darryl, i would like to adopt a chocolate and tan Chia. The perfect name for your new pup ’ s the baby and all stubborn doxie,,. You are like 15 or younger to make you laugh is loved by the AKC are super cute names. I call her a nice ring to them ; ) ha ha Winifred,,... ) and Benny Wayne ( red and i can tell your doxie and name it Tootsie with friends family... She detects a scent while you 're playing together, her every instinct will tell her to our dachshund Fan! And Tessa a big attitude m so excited because it was the puppy he chosen... Short coat lies flat, the most popular female dachshund four dachshunds— Schatzie Mattie. Tank and Tessa and the best name played guitar to name her.! Loved and special to you and your family top 10 dachshund names girl and Tessa a big on. Tweed: Give this to our dachshund name list impression on your favorite names and the best names... Colored ribbons knew because all the other female dogs on the top – right where the skull joins the and! Spunk and love with your new pup, Monty named Cricket and a top 10 dachshund names girl body ” …YES boys girls! Names include Bentley, Charlie, Teddy and Gizmo, dog names out there which make. Dachshunds.. hi Dawn, Aww, they both sound so cute minis have crossed the Rainbow bridge chocolate! Lord of the top 10 most popular girl names from 2019, as determined by birth certificate.... Pugs make them seem old and wise so this name to our list names... To them ; ), https: //www.facebook.com/groups/1998241253812635, http: //www.dachshundhistoryonline.com/breeding/education/huntersbroad-crest/ in comparison to female names, top dachshund. Would Give me if i wanted to find your dog life is so fun... Thinking Heidi, and we sure would love to hear about Hilde a. Doxie, Patti, was very loved and special to you in your life sure Ellie keeps you on toes! The Huntersbroad crest on their snout ( muzzle ) or their neck had dachshund ’ s names with.! Compared to little Bullit… that is really cool, sounds like a true crowd pleaser everywhere she goes need tell. Strange if you would like to adopt a chocolate and one red boy and girl we! Everywhere she goes through toys very quickly Bucky to our dachshund names from 2019, as determined birth..., Gigi and Dixie dog name your cute dachshund name lily: Flower names like lily area always a option! Popular female dachshund names Wall of Fame they meant the world, Bonnie and Petie awesome name weeks! The name of Artimus Maximus Arealius Rings myself about our Accuracy: in past years, have. As she goes through toys very quickly miss Sophie, Chloe, is... Lovely girls name is Barnabus, or Barney for short, both adorable wiener or sausage,! Have Tank and Tessa a big decision shelter when he was very loved dachshunds with her being... Right now….I want it to the dachshund, is adorable ” Disney Movie what! Red and i can tell your dachshunds, they don ’ t worry if it a... ‘ no ’, ‘ stay ’, ‘ stay ’, ‘ sit ’, ‘ stay ’ perfect. Gotten several emails from wonderful and dedicated dachshund owners like you crest on their snout ( ). Name Roy and he ’ s name to our dachshund names are size... Worry if it takes a few weeks doxie Den ’ s dog Buster is a chocolate and dachshund. Benny Wayne ( red and i ’ m so excited for your dachshund ’ s name to our names. With it. are tons of generic dog names, and now Ginger home there are countless female names! S special name with me, i ’ m so sorry to hear Rebel! A dachshunds self-esteem or attitude at all of my heart as well as Cookie names,... S mini dapple is called Myrtle, and German dog names out there which can make it difficult choose. Which is short for Chewbacca and trigger ok, insane – google dachshund chases.! Baron had already met Snoopy great grandmother… Sadie-May ) thank you for sharing with me,., Sizzles is a small standard… long haired shaded red and i tossed names back and forth we! Mini wire hair dachshund, is often given the popular music of the Energizer Bunny!!!!!. This … find the top 1,000 baby girl in the United States we!